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Bobo is the last born triplet and the younger son. Like his sibling, his birthday (hatchday) was in the episode Marsupilami meets Queen Cata but while his brother and sister came in the afternoon, his egg didn't even start to crack until the day turned to night, after his egg and others in the jungle were taken for her Majesty's collection by two poachers (one of them is Bring M. Backalive)! Lucky, none of the eggs were properly prepared to be collector's items, thus began to hatch when the worried father Mars opened all the cabinets in search for his own child-to-be. The Marsupilami egg hatches in the hands of Queen Catta herself, while showing her "rarest item" at the annual Polombian Ball, and the youngster shouted "Bobo" in confusion (along with what he's hatched in, the baby boy has dark blue fur, a sign he'll become the Alpha Male someday), looking around before Mars claimed his son, thanking the Queen with a kiss. In the attempts to escape, Bobo was amused watching his father beat up the Royal Gaurds, and had his fun imitating his dad's "tail punch" to knock Backalive off the chandilere, giving the poacher a black eye (and Royal arrest, as he landed on the Queen, angering her) in the proccess. With all the stolen hatchlings back with there parents, Bibi and Bibu shown envy to Bobo, not just becuase of his higher rank, but also because their mother shown more affection to him then ever to them (she was so worried), but the father calls a truce among the triplets with chocolate toffies he snagged from the castle.