A marsupilami's laugh is a rare moment, especially for those who were born and raised in the wild, who usually don't laugh at all. The reason for such serious poise is becuase most (if not all) of them know that if they laugh too hard, they'd end up hitting their heads on a low treebranch, the ceiling, or even the head of another marsupilami... after all, laughter is contagious! Another reason hearing a marsupilami laugh is a rare occasion is becuase the dangers of the jungles is a serious topic they grew up with, thus have not much to laugh at, but as far as we can tell, their most common sourse of their otherwise long-forsaken sence of humor is contact with human beings, especially "white men" that come from outside their native tarritory (nothing says "slapstic comedy" to the marsupilami like a clumbsy "new naighbor" trying to cope with the everyday problems of the jungle, or a hunter failing to catch the rare creature and end up with mud in his pants after slipping on a banana peel.)

Though they find humor in the failure of enemies, a bad case of the giggles among those they take as friends/family ends up most addicting... especially to "going mad" laughing (as shown by getting tied up with their tails as though a streight-jacket), and even though going too far with it leads to trouble, almost to the point of weakness, marsupilamis that laugh more often gain strong immune systems and advanced confidence (especially for making new friends), proving that it is great medicine.

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