Pam Devort is the favorite niece of Felicia Devort´s sixth defunct husband and the older sister of Julius Devort. Felicia clearly dislikes her parents. Pam often teases Ollie Stroy and Blou Print while playing with a noisy toy or destroying Blou Print´s models or scribbling on his plans.

She escapes to the jungle while Blou Print and Ollie are searching for Marsu. In the jungle she gets in trouble and is saved by Hector and Marsu. Hector and Pam fall in love but Pam soon has to leave. She leaves some personal objects to Hector like photos and her toy. Some time later she comes back to Polombia to visit her aunt and secretly Hector. Unaware to her, her little brother Julius Devort follows her to the jungle.

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